Taxi decorations are one of the most effective OOH advertising formats in cities, with the greatest visual impact, to widely reach a large audience. For years we have been carrying advertising campaigns on taxis throughout Italy, from iconic brands to new startups trying to leave a unique and engaging impression on their customers.

With our agency your next advertising campaign can be "On the Road" very quickly and in an eco-sustainable way:

-we use cutting-edge printing technologies and a team of professional installers, which allow us to produce the adhesive films on the same day and install them directly on the taxis;

-we are quick in carrying out all the bureaucratic procedures (requesting municipal permits, and paying taxes);

-we offer a complete service with low environmental impact on fleets of hybrid and electric vehicles and we use cutting-edge equipment/printing materials and finishes for completely recyclable fittings.

Taxis differ from other public transport such as trams, metro, and buses, because:

-example of equal investment: 1 Tram = 40/50 Taxi in Milan for a promotion period of 3 months;

-they carry out their business 24/7;

-they do not have a mandatory route but can reach any area;

-they transit widely across the entire territory, ensuring a high number of contacts and producing high frequencies of exposure;

-promotion also inside the taxi, through headrest covers and personalized receipts, cards, discount coupons, etc.

Here are some examples of how you can use Taxis for your OOH advertising:

-Promote a new product or service;

-Increase the visibility of your brand;

-Launch an awareness campaign;

-Generate traffic to your website or store.

For years we have been partners of App Taxi ( which allows us to significantly enrich our proprietary database which includes over 3000 taxi drivers throughout Italy.

If you are looking for an effective way to publicize your company, Taxis could be the perfect solution for you.

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